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11/18/2020 - Pastor Ed & Michelle update on the next plan for Shoreline during COVID-19

Shoreline has pivoted again. (Anyone else feel like we pivot so much it's like twirling in a circle?)

Shoreline continues to be together in the grace of Jesus Christ, loving others with the Gospel. We will be continue our Sunday livestream services so people can meet online, but we will also safely meet on-lawn at the Shoreline’s building for our 9 am and 10:30 am services.

Our goal is to provide a physically safe worship experience, but not to ignore the spiritual and emotional health provided in gathering as God's people as we authentically engage with God in worship.

  • If it is best for you to remain home, we understand and desire to support you.
  • If you are healthy and come to the lawn, please remain physically distanced.
  • If you enter the church building for any reason, please wear a mask for covering your mouth and nose for the whole time.

Access the Livestream via Facebook or YouTube. Let us know you’re joining us by leaving a comment.