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Ezra || Nehemiah Midweek Study

Wednesdays via Zoom.

Join us on Wednesdays for a study through the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. We'll start gathering on Zoom at 6:15. The study will start at 6:30. We'll end with prayer. Come and we'll dig into God's Word together.

Message Guide

God's Good Hand

Ezra Chapter 8

Object: Be a Priest 

Intro: One of the core beliefs coming out of the reformation is was the priesthood of __________________. That we all mediators of the ______________, ________________ and ___________________ to a hurting and suffering world around us, and to each other.

I. 8:1-14, The Returnees

  1. Mentioning Phinehas and Ithamar and then the sons of David prioritizes the priestly service to the nation but also established _______________.

II. 8:15-20, The Role of the Returnees

  1. In this changing time, how might your serving the Lord be changing? __________________________________________________________

III. 8:21-30, Seeing God’s Hand

  1. How have you seen God’s hand in your life? _______________________
  2. It’s not like they gained, or we gain, God’s favor because ____________.

IV. 8:31-36, Seeing the Faithfulness of God

  1. When have you experienced the faithfulness of God? ________________

Takeaway: This means today, Jesus is our high priest, who not only offered the perfect sacrifice but was the perfect sacrifice on the cross. It also means each one of us is a priest to mediate the knowledge, presence, and grace of God to a hurting world.