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Online Hangouts

Where to find the Shoreline community online

There are many great options for online group meetings, small group hangouts or a virtual coffee chat. During this time of quarantine, we want you to be intentional about social distancing, but to continue to be in community with each other via new avenues. Consider how you can create an online community using one of these tools.

If you don't already have an online option you're comfortable with, here are some excellent choices! All allow multiple users, don't require downloads, and only the host needs to have an account.

Google Hangouts

Ideal for Casual or Smaller Groups

 Google Hangouts are free, easy to use and very good for discussions with peers and friends. Supports up to 10 participants.


Ideal for small or large groups, training or education

Zoom: How to use basic features for video conferencing - Seth Muse

If you need tech support to figure these out, let us know!