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Shoreline Kids Director, Michelle Schooley tells us about the restart of children's ministry on 7/12.

A reminder that this weekend July 12th, we will have a soft opening for Sunday School.

~ Like anyone entering the building, we ask that you take temperature before coming and wear a mask.

~ When arriving, please use the back entrance at the end of the hall.

~ Please line up in the hall 6 ft apart as a family to check-in.

~ Someone from check-in will come over, greet you, check your kids in, and will hand you nametag stickers.

~ If your child is in K, 1st, 2nd grades, they will be going into the yellow room.

~ If your child is in 3rd, 4th, 5th grades, they will be going into the blue room.

~ We are not opening nursery or tots quite yet, however, there are family spaces available.

~ In each classroom, the kids will have a cubby with personal art supplies. They will grab their supplies and have a seat at a desk.

~ Reminder, please don't bring any toys from home to class and make sure you go to the restroom before you get there.

~ The desks are 6 ft apart, and we will have one teacher per 9 kids.

~ After church, please line up again in the hall on the marked areas.

~ We will check out one kid at a time.

~ Please note I will be there to help guide anyone through the process. The Shoreline Kids team is excited and looks forward to seeing the kids again. We can't wait to pray, laugh, and talk about Jesus together.

Our God is an Awesome God!! He Loves Big!! ~ Michelle Schooley

Big Exciting Announcement (5/27)

The rumors are true: we are excited to share that Shoreline will resume our in-person worship gatherings starting this Sunday, May 31st with services at 9am and 10:45am. We hope having this “roadmap” of what to expect as we transition back to in-person worship services will be a comfort as we join together to celebrate our Lord. 

Here is how to prepare:

Pray and seek the Lord (and possibly your personal doctor) about being a part of a gathering that may include up to 50-people inside the building (more may be meeting outside on the lawn). It’s always best practice to bring your own Bible —especially since we are advised to not hand them out at this time. We are asking everyone to come with a mask, and to arrive a few minutes early, as procedures have changed. Though we will be in masks, let us greet each other with joy so we know there are great smiles behind these temporary barricades. 

Entering into the building:

Entrance will only be from rear door near the youth room. An usher (in a mask) will greet you and direct you to follow the arrows down the hall. Enter the sanctuary on on the right, directly across from the Coffee House (which will not be serving coffee or snacks).

In the Sanctuary:

Seating will be physically distanced and we are asking you to love others by keeping your mask on throughout the service. It will be not only showing love, but will be Christlike by esteeming others as better than ourselves (Philippians 2:3). All the windows in the sanctuary will be open, so you may want to bring a jacket or extra layer to keep warm. If you are a follower of Christ and desire to take communion, please take one of the self contained communion packs on your way to your seat (Yes, we know that to take communion you will need to briefly remove the mask).

If you are not comfortable in a mask, then there will be seating outside on our lawn near the flagpole at the front of Shoreline’s building. Whether inside or outside, we ask that you keep appropriate physical distance.

Our worship service will be about 45-50 minutes total, and there will not be any children’s ministry. We will include times of greeting each other and singing. We will do all those things while keeping physical distance.

Going Forth:

After the service, our prayer team will be available, but the only exit will be directly out the sanctuary doors (on the right side of the sound booth at the back of the sanctuary). Please follow the arrows out past the women’s restroom, and join others for some social time in one of the breezeways or parking areas.


We know some may either not feel comfortable coming into a worship service, or health issues may not permit it. Please know you are loved of Jesus and Shoreline and your are no less part of our community. Our plan is to continue to offer online service and minister to everyone as best as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We at Shoreline are doing our best for all of us to be authentically engaging with God, loving others with the Gospel and growing together in Christ. That will not change, but we also recognize all the temporal changes can be hard. 

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A public service announcement to help us all love God and love others in best health practices amidst this pandemic.
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