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Message Guide 5/24/2020

Message Guide / Prepared: To Abide / John 15:1-11

Prepared: To Abide

Object: Abide with Christ in Joy

The union Jesus has with us is not based on who we are, but __________________________________________. 

I. The Vineyard of God

  1. The vinedresser’s desire is for _______________.
  2. The pruning sheers of the vinedresser looks like _______________________________________.
  3. We can (wrongly) define spiritual fruit as ______.

II. Abide in the Vine

  1. Abiding is where the disciples (the branch) and the vine (Jesus) __________________________.
  2. Abide is a keyword in John’s writings: how many times is it used in this section of scripture? ____.
  3. When we abide in Christ our branches enjoined to the vine so life is _________________________.
  4. ______________ is the evidence.

III. Live in Love

  1. Jesus said the Father loves Him just as He loves ______________________________________.
  2. The Creator not only desires to have joy in you, He’s designed you to have _________________.
  3. Our only fulness of joy will only come when we as branches _____________________________.


I am the bread of life 

I am the light of the world

I am the gate

I am the resurrection and the life

I am the Good Shepherd

I am the way, the truth, and the life

I am the true vine

Takeaway: When we abide, He produces the fruit that we can never produce on our own.

  1. What is today’s passage speaking to you?
  2. What are you going to do about it?