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The Bible Project - Haggai

Haggai takes place shortly after the Israelites were allowed to return to Jerusalem. You would think it would be a book of great hope. However, Haggai the Prophet has concerns over what he sees going on around him.

Haggai warns the Israelites about focusing on rebuilding their own homes rather than the Temple. What does this tell us about the role God and the church should play in our lives?

The video talks about the “shattered expectations” of the Israelites that the new Temple was not as nice as the old. What does God’s reply to the people tell us about God’s expectations, as opposed to our own?

In Haggai’s use of the Levitical laws regarding dead bodies, what do we learn about the correlation between our character and our works? How does our obedience reflect how God uses His people?

What is today's date? What are some highs and lows? How are you experiencing the presence of God? Who and what are you praying for?

Email these answers and notes to yourself. Write as much or little as you want. Save the emails and you'll have a record of this time.