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Don't Waste This Time #8

The Bible Project - Joshua

The first five books of the Bible are often called the Law or the Torah. They set the stage explaining God’s good creation, His graceful desire to be among His people, and their rebellious and sinful nature. The Book of Joshua is the first of the historical books, but it also continues the narrative by picking up exactly where Deuteronomy ended.

What did you learn about God?

What did you learn about humanity?

How do you reconcile God’s seemingly brutal command to wipe out the Canaanites (genocide) with the long commands of Jesus?

What are you called to do?

What is today's date? What are some highs and lows? How are you experiencing the presence of God? Who and what are you praying for?

Email these answers and notes to yourself. Write as much or little as you want. Save the emails and you'll have a record of this time.