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Genesis 12-50

Don't Waste This Time #2

The Bible Project - Genesis 12-50

Genesis began with God’s glorious good creation transitioning into the fall of humanity. At chapter 12, Genesis takes a turn as we meet Abram, who became Abraham. We continue to see humanity make poor choices, but God still use them to go on His mission leading to restoration.

Contemplate these questions and feel free to comment on Shoreline's Facebook Page.

What is do we learn about the character of God in Genesis 12-50?

What is the most important thing you learned about humanity?

What are you called to do?

What is today's date? What are some highs and lows? How are you experiencing the presence of God? Who and what are you praying for?

Email these answers and notes to yourself. Write as much or little as you want. Save the emails and you'll have a record of this time.