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The Bible Project - Zephaniah


Zephaniah vividly describes God’s judgment being poured out on those who have forsaken Him. Ironically, it was written during the reign of King Josiah, who was attempting to set Judah on a godly path. It was a case of “too little, too late.” Despite the harsh judgment described in the book, Zephaniah ends with a message of hope.

What did Judah and the surrounding nations do to warrant the judgment of God?

In chapters 2 and 3 of Zephaniah, God pours out his judgment on the non-Jewish nations, yet it concludes with the city of Jerusalem. What does this tell us about the spiritual state of the city?

How does Zephaniah show that God is both a God of Justice and a God of Love?

What is today's date? What are some highs and lows? How are you experiencing the presence of God? Who and what are you praying for?

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